Putting people before profit

Putting people before profit.

Helpr exists to provide the highest standard of quality care, to you in your home, at the lowest possible price. We can do this as we’re a social enterprise. That’s what we mean when we say, “We put people before profit”. Our Care Partners are the highest paid in the industry, ensuring they are well rewarded and highly motivated to provide professional standards of care to you. We offer our Care Partners the most comprehensive training available.

Getting Started

We make finding care easy for you with a simple 2 step process.

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We Visit You

Our experienced Care Manager will visit you free of charge to discuss all your needs.

Supporting Steps

Our Services

  • Personal care

    • Assistance with washing and personal care.
    • We can assist you with dressing and personal styling.
    • Support with eating and drinking and all dietary requirements.
    • Physical assistance and support in moving around the home.
    • Live-in Care, Respite support or Overnight Care.
    • Providing specialist care to support those living with Dementia.
    Putting people before profit
  • Dementia care and Alzheimer’s care

    • Familiar surroundings are the best in helping someone deal with memory loss and being in your own home is important.
    • Specifically tailored care for different types of Dementia such as Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia and Lewy Body’s.
    • We offer different levels of care for different stages of Dementia and our carers are experienced in helping people and their families to find ways of coping.
    • Help maintain a safe environment in the home.
    • Provide mind-stimulating activities.
    • We supply carers with compassion and patience who understand that anyone with dementia is still the same person underneath and treats them respectfully and with kindness.
    • Create social interaction and companionship.
    • Supervise daily activities and encourage pursuing simple tasks that will maximise independence e.g. a walk in the park, going out in a car.
    Putting people before profit
  • Home Help and Companionship

    • Doing activities within the house or just chatting.
    • Arranging appointments to see friends and family.
    • Help with reading or writing.
    • Joining in hobbies or games.
    • Helping to keep the home clean and tidy.
    • Light housekeeping and cleaning.
    • Putting the laundry on and providing help with ironing.
    • Medication reminders.
    Putting people before profit
  • Respite care

    • We discuss respite options with you or the person being cared for so everyone knows what to expect and feels happy, comfortable and properly supported before and during the temporary change.
    • Continue living at home with respite care.
    • Allows a carer to recharge, safe in the knowledge that you or your loved one is being looked after properly.
    • Respite carers can take over for any period from a few days to several weeks.
    • Allows a carer to have a break from caring to spend some time taking care of themselves and their wellbeing.
    • A carer can enjoy time with their family and friends and family and feel re-energised.
    Putting people before profit
  • Live-in carer

    • We help you to get the right support so you or your family can stay at home where we are all happiest.
    • Helping to maintain independence in a familiar environment ensuring wellbeing by avoiding painful upheaval.
    • We tailor support to meet specific needs and requirements.
    • All our carers are experienced and trained to a high standard so understand the best way to support you and your family.
    • Live-in carers can be full-time or part time.
    • We can help you with live-in support, Overnight care or Respite care.
    • Medicine handling and management.
    Putting people before profit
  • Overnight Care

    • We tailor support to meet specific needs and requirements.
    • All our carers are experienced and trained to a high standard so understand the best way to support you and your family.
    • Personal care and settling to bed.
    • Waking in the morning and preparing breakfast.
    • Will arrive at 10pm and leave at 8am.
    • Will get up to care during the night up to 3 times per night or can provide a waking night service where the carer is awake all night on duty.
    • Medicine handling and management.
    Putting people before profit
  • Appointments and Errands

    • Helping arranging visits with family or friends or appointments.
    • We can pick up a prescription or go to the post office for you.
    • We can take you to the shops for general shopping or a specific need.
    • Supporting you with Doctors, Dentists, Opticians or Hospital appointments.
    Putting people before profit
  • Visits, Outings and Trips

    • We can take you for a walk or a trip in the car.
    • Visits to friends or family.
    • Taking you shopping for food or something specific or just for the fun of shopping!
    • Take you to pick up prescriptions.
    • Appointments with the Doctor, Dentist or Opticians.
    Putting people before profit
  • Food preparation

    • Shopping for ingredients, cooking a delicious & nutritious meal.
    • Helping you prepare a shopping list or doing the shopping for you.
    • Checking expiry dates on food.
    • Whether it is a small snack for you or a meal for you and your friends?
    • Encourage and help you to do small tasks.
    • Help you feel more organised and independent.
    • Encourage you to get out and about wherever possible.
    Putting people before profit

Our Care Partners

At Helpr, we look after our Care Partners so they can focus on caring. This means paying the best possible rates and providing the most comprehensive package of training. We also offer flexible hours, a comprehensive support structure and excellent career progression and opportunities. Our proprietary technology gives us a leading edge in providing quality care services but is only effective if you, our Care Partner are motivated, enthusiastic and caring. To find out more, please click here.

Supporting Steps