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Social Care – A solution that works today

April 18, 2018


We need to define a sustainable, long-term strategy that supports both our growing, ageing population and other vulnerable people in the community in need of care. A strategy not just for the future, but one that can be implemented today.

Last week saw the final submissions of the adult social care workforce consultation run by The Department of Health and Social Care and Skills for Care. Their aim was to seek views from those working in the health and care sector on action needed to attract and retain a professional workforce. This information will contribute to the content of the forthcomingGreen Paper due out this summer.

As health and social care practitioners, we understand where our problems and challenges lie, and we are also clear about the outcomes we want to achieve, but the question that we have struggled to answer is ‘how do we fund a sustainable social care system?’

There is no lack of hardworking, committed, caring individuals in the care sector nor numerous innovative ideas for change, but many of these ideas stand alone and don’t offer a holistic solution, and with lack of funding change will continue to be slow.

A vital part of this change is to attract and retain a quality care workforce, and we can only achieve this through supporting, motivating and training carers to a consistently high standard.

So, how do we achieve this?

The solution relies on proven and cost-effective technology. As a social enterprise dedicated to delivering high quality care to the community, we have developed a powerful technology platform that reduces running costs dramatically, enabling us to invest in our carers,which means expanding the supply through better pay, free education, training pathways, career opportunities, secure employment status and flexible working, providing support structures and proactively pursuing two-way communication. As a result, we are building an organic, bottom up, community network of trained, motivated and empowered professional carers.

Technology also supports an improved client experience through shared information. GPS tracking enables safeguarding, ensures our carers are at their assignments when they should be, prevents billing disputes and can alert clients to late arrivals. Online notes can be shared with a client’s family and their GP, if permissioned, and live alerts prevent delays in accessing emergency assistance and services.

Our mission is to deliver ‘Outstanding Care. No Exceptions’ and in our response to the recent consultation we have shared and evidenced our approach in depth and hope that, as our approach offers an effective, practical and sustainable solution, it will be universally embraced and begin to shape social care today and in the future.