Elderly woman hugging caregiver on bed

The key to solving the social care crisis starts with the carers

October 4, 2017


Even with the £2.5 billion funding from the Chancellor in the ‘Spring Budget’, there still won’t be enough money in the pot to resolve the current social care crisis. The NHS and Local Government are desperately making changes within the current system to run more efficiently, reduce costs and deliver a better service on smaller budgets; an almost impossible task.

Caring hands

All this won’t stop the crisis unless a fundamental problem is resolved: the lack of carers. Without carers there is no care system and right now the only way to turn this crisis around is to focus on building a strong workforce of well trained, highly motivated and professional carers who are not only paid above the Living Wage but are properly supported. If this could be achieved not only will carers stop leaving the industry but it should be possible to attract others into a role that is giving so much back to the community.

The main issue is: how can this be funded? This is the challenge that faces both Local Authorities and most Care Agency’s but we, at Helpr, believe we have the solution.

We have built a software platform that gives an end to end system solution with real-time automated billing and information flow of care delivered, performance monitoring, and shared client/patient information between all appropriate support services.

This use of technology drastically reduces our costs such that we can support and train our carers to deliver person centred care that is safe, effective and responsive. Yet keeping the cost of care at an affordable level.

This is the way forward, it is the future of social care!